If you’re like me, you are a bit peculiar. You walk through life with your own set of values and opinions, and surely there are many people that you come across that totally go against everything that you believe in. For years I have been compiling stories in my head about people/places/things, I guess just nouns in general, that consistently drive me crazy. I have finally decided to take out some of my creative aggressions in this blog.

So there it is, I will be documenting my daily observations when someone or something strikes me as totally annoying, frustrating, or just plain damn dumb. Basically, I will go on rants, as only I can go on them, and you will be the lucky recipient and reader. FYI – odds are my “daily” observations will only turn out to be maybe once a week.

There are so many potential subjects, but I will probably wind up focusing on good/bad customer service, dumb people, annoying processes, bad websites, cool/crap technology, and maybe, just maybe, I will throw out something that I really like. Basic curmudgeon fodder.

So sit back, grab a Zima, some smokeless cigarettes and some potato chips with Olestra in them, and enjoy the random musings of my gray matter.


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